Between the 26th of October at 13:20 UTC and the 28th of October at 10:30 AM UTC, there was an issue resulting in players spending more Coins than supposed when purchasing Daily Parts in the Shop. The Coins price value displayed on your screen wouldn't match the number of Coins debited from your account when purchasing Daily Parts in this time frame.

If you did run into this bug, rest assured that we have proceeded to an automatic compensation on your account corresponding to the difference of Coins between what was really debited from your in-game wallet and the prices shown on your screen. This compensation is calculated for each player based on the number of purchases made while this bug was still present.

Please note that the Coins compensation was added directly to your in-game wallet, therefore, it's normal if you didn't receive any message or pop-up on your screen to inform you of this compensation.

This is an issue that was resolved on the 28th of October in the morning, so if you purchased any Daily Part afterward, you wouldn't have experienced this bug.

We apologise for the inconvenience caused and we hope this helps.