This bug will be resolved when we release our next major update on the Play Store and AppStore!

  • What is the conversion system of the Nyck de Vries part?

For each level of the part, you are supposed to obtain 1,000 Contracts, and for each copy of the part, you receive 1 Contract.
However, due to a known issue, only the copies of the part have been recycled and the levels haven't been recycled in the process.

  • Have already recycled this part?

Don't worry, while the part no longer appears on your screen, it's still present in your profile which is stored on our servers. Therefore, you will be able to recycle this part again once we fix this bug in a future major update.

If your Nyck de Vries part was level 4 with 11 copies, then, even though you were supposed to receive 4,011 Contracts, only the 11 Contracts from the 11 copies have been added to your in-game wallet.

Rest assured that you will be able to recycle the 4 levels to obtain the 4,000 Contracts in return once we resolve this problem.

We apologise for the inconvenience caused by this issue.