If you had previously reached a new XP level after claiming rewards from completed challenges, and the rewards from reaching a new XP level aren't showing in your inventory, this is due to a visual error not displaying the updated amounts or items to your account.

The new XP level rewards have been correctly granted on our end but confirmed to not show properly in-game. They should appear on your screen after manually closing out and reopening F1® Mobile Racing. Please rest assured that your profile is stored safely on our servers, that's how we are able to confirm that you receive these rewards when this visual bug occurs.

XP Level Up rewards vary based on the XP level you reached and may feature R&D Points, Coins, Tokens, or R&D parts. You can find the list of rewards for each XP level by tapping on your current XP level, in the top left corner of the Main Menu screen, right below your avatar.

We thank you for your patience on this one and for playing our game!