With the release of the 2023 Season Update for F1® Mobile Racing, the official free-to-play* handheld videogame of the 2023 FIA Formula One World Championship™ on iOS and Android devices, a lot of various elements of the game will change to reflect the 2023 season.

In this FAQ you will find all the necessary information detailing the changes and how they will affect player records and other aspects of the game.

What is the 2023 Season Update?

Every year F1® Mobile Racing receives a major update to reflect the current season of the FIA Formula One World Championship™. This update primarily updates all the teams and drivers to reflect the current season in the game; team liveries and cars get updated to their current spec, driver line-up, and eventually circuits as well.

What happens to the 2022 cars?

Official Team cars and the Technical Regulations car are automatically converted to their 2023 specs. This includes their livery design and performance stats based on their real-world performance. You get to keep any of the Official Team’s cars previously owned, albeit in their 2023 variation.

Do I keep any 2022 cars that I already own?

Yes. Any Official Team cars that you already own prior to the 2023 Season Update will still be there. However, their design and stats are updated to their 2023 specs. This means that, if a team has performed better in the 2023 season compared to the 2022 season, their car stats are reflected in the game.

Do I keep player customisation items, such as helmets and profile banners?

All helmets earned previously during the 2022 season will remain in your player inventory. New Showdowns will be introduced that will allow players to earn new helmets for the 2023 season.

Previously owned avatars, profile banners, paints and stickers for the Livery Editor will remain in the inventory and can be used as normal. Unfortunately, players will have to create their custom liveries from scratch since the design of the Technical Regulations car will be updated, thus making custom liveries incompatible with the new car. Livery slots players had prior to the release of the 2023 Season update will remain unlocked.

Will my league progression reset?

At the start of the 2023 Season Update, all players have their league progression readjusted based on the new League progressions system. Depending on which League you are in, you may remain in the same League. However, apart from Pro League, game modes locked behind league levels remain unlocked based on your league level prior to the 2023 Season Update. Pro League itself unlocks once enough players reach League 1 – the top-level league.

Is my Career Mode progress and Track Records reset?

Track Records will be reset along with active Career Mode campaign. Players with an active Career Mode season will have their progress reset, meaning that players will have to start their career from Rookie contracts with the new 2023 teams.

Do I keep any unused currency?

The number of Coins and Tokens owned prior to the Season update remain unchanged. You also keep your experience level (XP level) and the associated R&D points for those levels.

Do I keep any unused R&D parts?

All your R&D parts stay in your inventory. However, due to the changes in the 2023 car specs, some R&D parts have been converted to “Legacy parts”. These parts cannot be installed on the 2023 cars. However, you can recycle these legacy parts and convert them into currency.

What do I do with old parts that do not fit the 2023 car?

These “old” parts are now called “Legacy parts” and no longer fit the 2023 regulations. As such, you will be given the opportunity to make use of these parts in a different way thanks to a new feature. More about this new feature will be revealed in the next coming weeks. Parts that remain in effect after the 2023 Season Update can be equipped in the new cars.

What are Legacy parts?

Legacy parts is the terminology used to describe parts that no longer can be equipped in the 2023 cars. This is in line with the current F1 regulations for the 2023 season, where the cars get updated and certain parts become obsolete.

Below is a list of all the parts that are now Legacy Parts and can be recycled.

  • 3D Printer
  • Flow Viz Paint
  • Fuel Lab
  • High Tech Sidepods
  • Improved Brake Duct Vanes
  • Improved Engine Cover Vents
  • Lightweight Brake Ducts
  • Lightweight Calipers
  • Lightweight Gearbox
  • Additional Diffuser Strake
  • Re-Designed ECU
  • Re-Designed Turbocharger
  • Re-Engineered Brake Pads
  • Reinforced Hydraulics
  • Aero Rakes
  • Streamlined Nosecone
  • Telemetry Computer
  • Tyre Blanket
  • Upgraded Brake Ducts
  • Bespoke Brake Calipers
  • Wind Tunnel
  • Bespoke Magnetic Compound
  • Bespoke Wheel Covers
  • Enhanced Brake Pads
  • Power Unit Engineer
  • Chassis Engineer
  • Chief Mechanic
  • Aero Engineer
  • Technical Director
  • Chief of R&D
  • Team Principal
  • Performance Director
  • Development Driver

We hope that you find this information useful, but in case you still have questions, keep an eye on our Twitter and Instagram channels as we release more information related to the 2023 Season Update, and try to address other questions not covered in this FAQ.

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