You can now dismantle (recycle) and craft any part you want! Special resources are introduced in the game to this end.

There are 3 new resources in the game that are used to dismantle and craft parts. Based on the type of part you dismantle/craft, you have to use a specific resource. This new feature allows you to fasten the upgrade process of the parts you want to upgrade by converting into resources the parts you don't want to use/upgrade.

What are these special resources dedicated to this system?

  • Bolts: obtained from dismantling and used for crafting Mechanical and Technology parts
  • Carbon fibers: obtained from dismantling and used for crafting Chassis parts
  • Contracts: obtained from dismantling and used for crafting Team Principal and Driver parts

How do I dismantle a part?

The process to dismantle a part is the same for any part regardless of its type (Chassis, Mechanical, Team Principal, Driver or Technology part). Dismantling a part comes down to transforming copies of a part into a crafting resource.

When you dismantle a part, it will not affect the part's level and it will remain in your inventory as well as in your car setups (in the case you've installed the part on one or several of your car setups).

As you open boxes and receive parts in the game, you stack copies of each part. It is these copies that are converted in the dismantling process. Let's say you have an "Improved Pistons" part level 1 with 2 copies out of 4 copies needed to upgrade it to level 2. If you dismantle this part, it will remain level 1 with 0 copies out of 4 but you will obtain 2 Bolts in return.

How do I craft a part?

Crafting a part comes down to creating the exact number of copies you need to upgrade it to the next level.

So if you have a "Fuel lab" part level 2 with 3 copies out of 10 copies needed to upgrade it to level 2. Then, when spending Bolts to craft the part, you will obtain 7 copies in the process to have exactly enough copies to upgrade it to level 3.

What is the calculation system when dismantling or crafting a part?

The level of a part is never taken into account to calculate how many resources are received or spent when respectively dismantling or crafting a part.

However, the rarity, the type of the part as well as the number of copies you want to craft/dismantle are used to calculate how many resources you receive or you spend.

Is there a limit to the number of resources I can get out of a single dismantling operation?

10,000 Bolts, Carbon Fibers or Contracts is the maximum number of resources you can get at once out of a single dismantling operation. It means that if you have 2,000 copies of the same Epic part and 4,000 copies of another Epic part, when dismantling both these parts, you will obtain exactly 10,000 resources even though you have dismantled twice more copies for one of the two Epic parts.

For that reason, we invite you to dismantle parts that you haven't planned to use before the gain of dismantling these parts approaches the 10,000 resources.