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Equipping parts

Before equipping a part, you need to select the F1 car you want to equip and modify. You can only install parts on cars you own. Each type of part (Driver, Technology and Mechanical parts) can only be installed in their own part slot.

Each part (except Chassis parts) has an R&D Points cost, for each part you install, you spend R&D Points. You start the game level 1 with 1 R&D Point and every time you reach a new XP level, you gain an additional R&D Point. Once you reached XP level 100, you will have the maximum number of R&D Points available in the game (100) and you will stop earning R&D Points when reaching levels 101, 102, and so on.

While the same Technology or Mechanical part can be installed on different car setups at the same time, a Team Principal and a Driver part can only be installed on one car setup at a time. It means that if you have equipped Hamilton's Driver part and Toto Wolff's Team Principal part on a Mercedes setup, then you will have to unequip them from this car setup before using them for another Team's car.

Upgrading parts

To upgrade any part, including Chassis parts, you need to collect multiple copies of the same part and spend Tokens. When you receive a copy of a part you already own, it is automatically stacked in your R&D inventory.

You can view a part's maximum level and its stats when maxed out by tapping on the "See max level" button.

The number of Tokens as well as the number of copies required to upgrade a part can vary according to the rarity and the upgrade level of the part.