Before introducing each type of part, you need to understand how an r&d/car setup is organised. In your setup, you can install:

  • Chassis part (x1)
  • Driver part (x1)
  • Team Principal part (x1)
  • Technology parts (x2)
  • And Mechanical parts (x8)

Do all the parts affect all the different stats?

Apart from the Driver part that only affects its own stats (Braking, Overtaking and Adaptability), all the types of parts will influence the different Mechanical stats: Power, Aerodynamic, Lightweight or Grip.

How is each type of part different and unique?

  • Chassis parts:

It represents the base of your setup. You must own the car however in order to install parts on it. Just like in real life, each car is unique and has its own strengths. For that reason, the repartition of Mechanical stats given by each car is also unique. The stats of your Chassis part contributes to the overall P.I. of your setup, it means that even if you don't have parts installed in your setup, you will still have "basic Mechanical stats" from your Chassis part.

  • Driver parts:

Only Driver parts can influence your Driver stats (Braking, Overtaking and Adaptability). Any driver can be installed on any car setup whether or not they belong to the same team in real life.

  • Team Principal parts:

Similarly to Driver parts, you can install any Team Principal parts on any car setup. These parts influence one or several Mechanical stats. It is the only type of part that increases a % value. If a Team Principal part increases the Lightweight by 13%, it means that the sum of your Lightweight stat gained from your Chassis, Technology and Mechanical parts, will be increased by 13%.

  • Technology parts:

These parts aren't components of your F1 car but they represent real-life exterior factors that indirectly further improve the performance of your F1 car. What makes these parts unique is the fact that you can install any Technology part on any Technology slot regardless of the part's main stat.

  • Mechanical parts:

Unlike Technology parts, each Mechanical part belongs to a subtype. This subtype corresponds to the main stat the part increases. For instance, level 1 "Improved Pistons" has +29 Power and +20 Lightweight, hence Power being this part's subtype. You can only install Power parts in the Power slot, Grip parts in the Grip slot and so on. Even though the "Improved Pistons" also increases Lightweight, it cannot be installed in the Lightweight slot.