What is the R&D system?

In F1® Mobile Racing, you obtain boxes containing parts as you play. You can improve the performance of your F1 car by installing these parts in your R&D setup. Your car and the parts installed on it can be upgraded to upper levels to improve further the performance of your F1 car.

How do I install more parts and unlock new ones?

Upon reaching new XP levels and upper leagues, you respectively obtain more R&D points (needed to install parts on your setup) and unlock new parts to discover.

Where can I customise my setup?

To install parts in your setup, you must head to the "Car setup" tab. You can access this tab by tapping on the engine symbol on the left side of the screen (when you're on the Main menu screen).

Does my setup affect the performance of my F1 car in all game modes?

Yes, the performance of your car in Duel, Event or Showdown races is calculated based on your car setup except for Career mode where you cannot install parts on your F1 car. The performance of your Career car is therefore calculated based on the car's level. More info on this matter can be found in the article "Are my F1 chassis upgrades carried over from/to the Career mode's F1 car?".

How do I obtain parts or boxes with parts inside them?

You win an R&D box to research when beating an opponent in Duel mode. The Events and Career modes also feature parts and boxes among their rewards. You can also obtain a box after completing your daily challenges, after watching your daily ads (on the Main menu), upon reaching a new threshold on the League Progression panel and sometimes when reaching a new XP level. Finally, you can visit the Shop to claim your Free daily parts or to buy boxes containing parts.

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