When a player earns and/or purchases a parts box that box is permanently tied to the League in which it was earned and/or purchased within. This information can be found by selecting the desired box either before purchasing it or before/during research and viewing the top left corner of the pop-up.

This is important information as your currently available parts pool is dependent on the League that you are currently in! A box earned and/or purchased in League 8 will have a different content to a box earned and/or purchased in League 1.

To view what parts are currently available to you, head into your inventory by tapping the inventory button at the top of your screen while on the main menu. In this view you can see all the parts you currently own, and any locked parts that you do not own.

Take note of any parts that include the text “League X” beneath a padlock icon, this is the League in which that part in unlocked. Any parts that have a padlock icon that do not have the text “League X” underneath are available in your current league but have not yet been found!

When a player earns and/or purchases a parts box, they are shown the exact contents of that box. This includes a detailed breakdown of the following:

  • The amount of Tokens the player can receive
  • How many Parts will be received broken down into each rarity, these amounts include Performance Parts, Technology Parts, and Team Parts.
  • How many Chassis parts will be received, this includes all 10 teams and the players Custom 2023 TR Car.

Below is more information on that breakdown and what it means:

  • Tokens – The minimum and maximum number of tokens provided in a box is shown to the player. The amount the player receives is a random amount between those two values. So, if the Tokens amount shows 68-83, the player will receive a random amount between those two numbers, for example 75.
  • Performance Parts – Performance parts are parts that are equipped directly onto the players car, these are broken down into 4 categories, Power Aero, Lightweight, Grip.
  • Technology Parts – Technology parts include parts that are used externally to the car, such as “Cooling Fans” or “Fuel Lab”.
  • Team Parts – Team parts include both Driver and Team Principal parts.
  • Chassis Parts – Chassis parts are the part tied directly to the performance of each teams chassis.

When opening and/or purchasing a parts box the exact number of parts for each rarity within the box is shown to the player. Every single Performance part, Technology Part, and Team Part that the player has unlocked within each rarity has the exact same drop rate.

For example, we will take a Pits Box earned in League 5. When a player opens the League 5 Pits box, they are shown that they will receive 9 Common parts, 2 Rare parts, and 3 Chassis parts. But as the box was earned in League 5, there is an available pool of 31 common parts, and a pool of 12 Rare parts.

This means that for League 5 each common part has a drop chance of 3.2% and each Rare part has a drop chance of 8.3%.

Below is a table providing this information for all part rarities in all leagues, this includes Performance Parts, Technology Parts, and Team Parts:

  • Chassis Parts:

When a chassis part is earned the following drop rates are used: