What is slipstream and how does it work?

'Slipstreaming' is an aerodynamic technique commonly used in real-life F1. It occurs when an F1 car is aligned behind another to gain extra speed. This is thanks to the F1 car in the front punching a hole in the air for the F1 car behind them and thus reducing the air resistance applied to the F1 car behind.

Due to that hole in the air, you indirectly lose downforce and as a result, it becomes slightly harder to steer.

The closer you are aligned to the F1 car in front of you, the more speed you gain from slipstreaming. And the fastest both cars go, the greater the speed gained is.

Who can benefit from it?

This effect applies to all the drivers, even the AI opponents. It means that you can gain speed by placing yourself right behind any F1 car, whether it's your rival that's in front of you or not. Also, AI opponents will gain speed from slipstreaming if they are behind you, your rival or behind another AI's car.

How is Slipstream represented?

When slipstream is active on your F1 car, you will notice that it's written SLIPSTREAM right above your speed indicator. Slipstream will deactivate automatically and the text will disappear as soon as you aren't aligned behind your opponent.

Is Slipstream available in all types of races and modes?

Slipstream isn't available in Qualifying races since the rival's F1 car is transparent. Therefore, you can only benefit from slipstream effect in Grid Start and in Sprint races. This feature is only implemented in Career mode, Event mode and Showdown races, as we continue to tweak and balance this feature to ensure fair and competitive racing in duels.