Since the release of the 2022 Season Update, we have noted that some players had their R&D parts reset.

We have recently deployed a new fix regarding this issue to make sure that all the players affected by this issue recover their missing parts prior to the release of the 2022 Season Update.

As of the 5th of July (at 3:00 PM UTC), you should now have recovered your missing parts. Rest assured that the parts you have obtained and upgraded after losing your r&d inventory are merged with the parts that disappeared because of this issue. If you have upgraded an r&d part after losing your r&d inventory, then, you have automatically received the number of Tokens and copies of r&d parts that you spent upon upgrading this part.

Unfortunately, these Tokens and R&D parts are automatically added to your inventory. Therefore, you cannot see exactly how many Tokens and R&D parts have been added to your inventory.

Finally, if you haven't recovered your missing R&D parts, do not hesitate to reach out to the support service through the in-game assistance so they can further look into this.

We truly apologise for the inconvenience caused by this issue and we thank you for your understanding.