What will happen to the 2021 cars?

Official Team cars and the Technical Regulations car will be automatically converted to their 2022 specs. This includes their livery and performance stats based on their real-world performance. Players get to keep any of the Official Team’s car previously owned, albeit in their 2022 variation.

Will my league progression reset?

League progression will be partially reset. Players may find their League level to be lower depending on their total amount of League Points at the end of the 2021 season. League rewards will be available to be claimed.

The Pro League will still be part of the 2022 season; however, it will take a brief break to allow players to build their own setups with the new cars and reach League 1. A new Pro League season start will be announced shortly after.

Will my Career Mode progress and Track Records reset?

Track Records will be reset and a new Career Mode campaign will be introduced with the Season update. Players with an active Career Mode season will have their progress reset, meaning that players will have to start their career from Rookie contracts. However, players in this situation will be given compensation for having their season interrupted.

Further, players who have completed a 2021 Career season, will earn a profile badge to showcase their achievements based on the highest type of contract completed.

What do I keep when the 2022 Season update releases?

All your R&D parts stay in your inventory. However, due to the changes of the 2022 car specs, some R&D parts have been converted to “Legacy parts”. These parts cannot be installed on the 2022 cars.

You will keep your experience level (XP level) along with the associated R&D points for those levels. Number of Coins and Tokens owned prior to the Season update will remain unchanged.

What do I do with old parts that do not fit the 2022 car?

These “old” parts are now called “Legacy parts” and players are given the opportunity to recycle their Legacy parts by converting them to Coins. Parts that remain in effect after the 2022 Season update can be equipped in the new car.

What are the changes to the R&D system?

Because of the 2022 car spec modifications, we will be rebalancing various parts. More details about the R&D changes can be found in this blog post.

What about my previously owned customisation items (helmets, avatars, profile banners…)? Do I get to keep them?

All helmets earned previously (except for the Halloween 2021 helmets) will remain in the player inventory. New Showdowns will be introduced that will allow players to earn new helmets for the 2022 season.

Previously owned avatars, profile banners, paints and stickers for the Livery Editor will remain in the inventory and can be used as normal. Unfortunately, players will have to create their custom liveries from scratch since the design of the Technical Regulations car will be updated, thus making old custom liveries incompatible with the new car. Livery slots players had prior to the release of the 2022 Season update will remain unlocked.