Where do I find my Track Records?

You can find your best Lap Times and Sector Times for each circuit in the 'Player Profile' menu, they are stored in the 'Track Records' tab. To access the 'Player Profile' menu, simply tap on your Avatar on the top-left corner of the Main Menu screen.

What's the meaning behind each colour (yellow, green, purple)?

  • Yellow: You haven't beaten your best lap time or your best sector time
  • Green: You have beaten your best lap/sector time but your opponent still had a faster lap/sector time
  • Purple: You have beaten your best lap/sector time as well as your opponent's best lap/sector time

In a Duel race, we compare your times with your rival's ones whereas in Career and Events modes, your times are compared with the AI opponent who has the best sector/lap times in the session.

When is the Track Records screen updated with my newly set records?

Your Personal Best sector/lap times are only updated in the 'Player Profile' if you have set a new Best Lap Time at the end of a duel or when completing an Events-mode race.

Therefore, if you have a new purple sector time on a circuit but you didn't beat your best lap time, then, this new purple sector time will not appear on the Track Records screen.

The Career mode Track Records

In Career mode, the teams loan you their F1 car, therefore, the performance of your car differs as you cannot install R&D parts on your Career setup. For this reason, we use different Track Records in Career mode that are updated as you play the Career mode.

As a result, you can set a new best Lap Time in a Career race even though your Lap Time on the same circuit is better in Duel/Events mode.

Currently, you cannot find your Career Track Records in F1® Mobile Racing.