What is the Pro League?
Pro League is a new highly competitive league for the Duels mode where you rise through the Ranks and earn unique rewards. Depending on your Rank, the rewards will change; the higher your Rank, the better your monthly Pro League rewards will be.
How do I join the Pro League?
Once you have reached 14,100 Cup Points, you automatically unlock and join the Pro League. After reaching this Cup Points threshold, a "Pro League" tab appears on the League progression screen (where League rewards are listed).
There, you can see your progress in Pro League, how many Division Points you have, the monthly end of Pro League season rewards that you have unlocked, your standing in the Rank leaderboards and the list of circuits featured in the ongoing Pro League season.
What are Placement Duels?
Placement Duels are duels that you have to complete right after joining the Pro League. Upon completing these Placement Duels, you are ranked in a Pro League Rank/Division.
How do I reach a new Rank/Division?
In Pro League, you win and lose Division Points when playing duels. This is the equivalent of Cup Points except that it's exclusive to the Pro League.
  • The only way to advance to higher Pro Divisions is by gaining Division Points through Duels. When you reach the maximum Division Points threshold of your Division, you are moved to the higher Division of your Rank.
  • If there isn't a higher Division in your current rank, then, you will advance to the higher Rank's lowest Division.
What are the different Ranks and Divisions?
In total, there are six different Ranks and each Rank has their own Divisions (except Master which only has one Division). Here are the different Ranks/Divisions thresholds:
  • Master (6,000 P and more)
  • Diamond
    • Diamond 3 (5,600 P - 5,999 P)
    • Diamond 2 (5,200 P - 5,599 P)
    • Diamond 1 (4,800 P - 5,199 P)
  • Platinum
    • Platinum 3 (4,400 P - 4,799 P)
    • Platinum 2 (4,000 P - 4,399 P)
    • Platinum 1 (3,600 P - 3,999 P)
  • Gold
    • Gold 3 (3,200 P - 3,599 P)
    • Gold 2 (2,800 P - 3,199 P)
    • Gold 1 (2,400 P - 2,799 P)
  • Silver
    • Silver 3 (2,000 P - 2,399 P)
    • Silver 2 (1,600 P - 1,999 P)
    • Silver 1 (1,200 P - 1,599 P)
  • Bronze
    • Bronze 3 (800 P - 1,199 P)
    • Bronze 2 (400 P - 799 P)
    • Bronze 1 (0 P - 399 P)
What are the different Pro League rewards?
The monthly Pro League rewards feature R&D parts, XP, Tokens and exclusive customisation items (that vary every month). The higher your Rank, the better your monthly Pro League rewards will be.
How do I earn Pro League rewards and how do I collect them?
Pro League rewards can only be claimed once the Pro League season reset has occurred.
Once you have finished your 5 Placement Duels or after you have reached a new Pro League Rank, you have to win at least 5 duels inside your new Rank to be able to claim the Rank's monthly rewards when the monthly Pro League reset occurs.
Please note that if you finished the Season in Platinum but didn't win 5 duels in Platinum, then, you will only receive the rewards from the Gold rank. Also, if you won 5 duels in Platinum and you then dropped down to the Gold rank and stayed in Gold when the Pro League season ends, then, you will receive the rewards from the Gold rank even if you had previously won 5 duels in Platinum.
When are Pro League seasons reset?
The monthly Pro League reset happens at the beginning of the month (the first Monday of each month at 10:00 AM UTC). The Division Points are reset according to your progression in the Pro League the previous month. The more Division Points you have, the more Division Points you will lose.
How does the matchmaking system work inside the Pro League?
In Pro League, you play against players who have a similar number of Division Points. For that reason, the matchmaking process may take a bit more time to find an opponent with a similar Pro League profile.
If the matchmaking system fails to find an opponent for you to play against in Pro League, then, do not hesitate to tap on the Play button to search for an opponent again.
Does the list of available circuits change every season?
Unlike League 1 in which you can race on all the different F1® Mobile Racing circuits, Pro League players can only compete in duels on a selection of circuits. This selection of circuits change every season.
You can find the list of available circuits in the Pro League tab from the League Progression menu.