The Career mode features a Wearing system: as you race in Career mode, your F1 car is going to wear out and will have to be repaired. Depending on the Wearing condition of your F1 car, the performance and handling of your F1 car will decrease or not.

When does the car wearing increase?

Your F1 car wear increases when you drive on-track/off-track, when you collide with the walls or when hitting opponents. The greater the impact/collision with the wall/opponent, the higher the wearing of your car will be affected.

What are the different Wearing states?

There are three different states represented in three colours:

  • Green: your car wear is between 0% and 50%. The performance and handling of your F1 car aren't impacted by the wearing of the car.
  • Yellow: between 50% and 75%. The performance and handling of your car are slightly affected.
  • Red: between 75% and 100%. The performance and handling of your car are greatly affected.

How can I repair my F1 car to reduce its Wearing?

There are two different repair options: Quick Repairs and Full Repairs.

- Full Repairs completely fix the wearing of your F1 car, back to 0%. To fully repair your car, you have to spend Coins. You cannot Full Repair your car if its car wear % is below 40%. The cost of a Full Repair varies according to the wear of your car. The more damaged the car is, the higher the price of the full repair will be.

- Players can also carry out three Quick Repairs everyday. The first Quick Repair of the day fixes 20% of the car Wearing and is unlocked upon watching an ad. The second and third Quick Repairs of the day fixes 15% of the car and they both cost you 750 Tokens.

When signing a new Team contract after finishing a Season, does my F1 car wearing reset back to 0%?

If you renew a Team contract within the same F1 Team, then, the car wearing of the last Season will be carried over to the new Season that you're about to start since the Team will be lending you the same F1 car.

However, if you sign a new Team contract with another team, then, your F1 car wearing will be back to 0% as you will be racing with a different F1 car.