How do I unlock the Career mode?

To unlock the Career mode, you have to reach League 7 at least once. If you are promoted to League 7 and then demoted back to League 8, rest assured that you will still have access to the Career mode.

How do I unlock new Team contracts?

F1 Teams require you to complete different tasks called requisites before offering you a contract to sign with them. Each team has four requisites and these are unique and different for each of the F1 teams.

Complete several requisites of the same team to unlock new contract types with the team. In total, there are four contract types: Rookie, Challenger, Expert and Master.

If you sign a Challenger contract, you will only be able to sign Challenger or Expert contracts as all the teams will stop considering you as a Rookie. Same goes for Expert and Master contracts, if you sign a Master contract, you will only be able to sign Master contracts with each of the ten F1 teams.

More information about Team requisites can be found in the article "What are requisites and missions?".