Career mode is a new single-player mode in which you sign Team contracts, complete F1 Seasons and missions while driving the official F1 car the Teams lend you.
You start as a Rookie and you evolve through the Seasons and the Teams to rise to the top of the championship standings.
- JOIN A TEAM: F1 Teams require you to complete different tasks called requisites before offering you a contract to sign with them. Each team has four requisites and these are unique and different for each of the F1 teams. Once you have signed a contract, you can drive the official F1 car of the team for an entire season.
- COMPLETE MISSIONS AND SEASONS: After signing a contract, you unlock new missions to complete for the team during the season(s). Complete the team's missions to obtain R&D boxes containing chassis parts of the Team's F1 car to upgrade its potential in Career mode and also in other modes.
- UPGRADE YOUR F1 CAR: While the official F1 car is lend to you exclusively in Career mode and not in Event/Duel modes, the chassis parts that you obtain inside or outside the Career mode can be used to upgrade your F1 car for the Career mode. Also, no matter how and where you upgrade chassis parts, their upgrades will be carried over for the Career, Duel and Event modes.
Once you have finished a Season, you can sign again a contract for the same team or you can sign another contract for any other team as long as you have completed their requisite(s).