Yes! Each chassis part is unique, each offers a unique R&D setup and gives a unique amount of PI.

Every chassis part has a different amount of PI spread across the 5 Performance categories and offers a unique number of R&D slots for each category; every chassis part has the same total amount of R&D slots (12), but the composition of these slots is unique for every Chassis part.

This means that specific chassis parts are better suited to specific tracks and even to your driving style! If you own different cars, you will be able to select between different chassis setups when loading into a duel.

This information can be found by entering the in-game shop and selecting the cars tab. Once here, select a team’s logo and you will be shown their 2021 Official car, and on the right side of the screen you will be shown its corresponding chassis part R&D information.

This R&D information highlights how much PI the chassis part currently gives in each of the 5 Performance categories.

Underneath each category, the circles and dots outline how many slots are available for each category. The empty circles represent the unlocked R&D slots whereas the dots represent the R&D slots that remain to be unlocked. As a reminder, you can unlock new R&D slots upon upgrading the chassis part's level.

For example, by viewing the Mercedes W13, we can see that it has 2 R&D slots for both Aero and Brakes, 4 Slots for Lightweight, 3 for Power and 1 for Handling. Equalling a total of 12 slots. You can also tap on the “See max level” button to see how the part will look once it is upgraded to level 13!