Chassis parts can be upgraded like any other R&D part in F1® Mobile Racing. As you win duels, complete challenges, team missions and Career seasons, and take part in events you will be awarded with chassis parts. Team Packs and Parts Packs in the Shop also feature chassis parts as part of their content.

Upgrading chassis parts is a very important part of the new R&D system, as it not only increases the amount of PI the chassis part gives, at certain levels it also increases the amount of R&D slots available in that Chassis’ R&D setup.

Similar to R&D parts, once you obtain a certain amount of one chassis part you will be able to upgrade that chassis part by spending some Tokens.

To upgrade your chassis part you must enter your car setup; to do this select “setup” on the main menu. Your currently equipped chassis part will be shown on the left side of the screen, tap on your currently equipped chassis part to view all of your available chassis parts, then tap on the chassis part that is ready to upgrade, make sure you have enough tokens to cover the cost of the upgrade, and then tap on the “upgrade” button. Doing so will upgrade that chassis part to it’s next level!

If you don’t have enough Tokens to cover the cost of the upgrade, you can get more from the in-game shop!