Chassis parts are a brand-new type of R&D part that was introduced with the 2021 Update, these parts represent the current chassis you have equipped in your R&D Set-up.

Each chassis part has its own unique R&D Set-up, and by equipping a chassis part you are able to see and edit it’s R&D set-up. So the more Official Cars you own, the more R&D Set-ups you have to play with!

Each chassis part can be upgraded to increase the amount of PI it gives and increase the amount of R&D slots available. So make sure you upgrade your chassis parts as it can unlock the ability to add more parts to your set-up, giving you a big PI boost.

All players start with the “TR 2021 Car” also known as the “Custom” chassis; this chassis does not represent an Official team and is completely free. Each Official team also has their own unique chassis, and by purchasing an Official car you are able to use that specific team’s chassis part.

Each chassis part is unique and offers a unique combination of R&D slots. So check out each teams Official car and see which one matches your driving style! For more information on this subject check out the “Is each F1 car / chassis part different” FAQ.