Transfer your account to a new Android device by connecting it to your Google Account.

Start by connecting your game account to Google Play on Device A:

  1. Enter your device settings;
  2. Find and select 'Google';
  3. Log in with your Google Play/Account email address (or create one if needed);
  4. Make sure you are NOT sharing an account with somebody else;
  5. Synchronise your progress to your Google Play/Account on the last page of the in-game Settings. Once you synchronised your progress, the button will change from "Not connected Google Play" to "On Google Play".

Then, follow the steps listed below to transfer your game progression on Device B:

  1. Enter your device settings;
  2. Find and select 'Google';
  3. Log in with the Google Play/Account you used to synchronise your game progression on Device A;
  4. a) Download and Install F1® Mobile Racing from the Play Store on Device B;
    b) If you already installed the game and you were playing on another account that you are willing to erase. Then you will have to reinstall the game;
  5. Launch the game once you've finished installing it;
  6. You should be prompted with a message reading “Select a saved game”. Choose the Cloud Save;
  7. Finally, relaunch the game as requested in the in-game message which appeared on your screen.

Your game progression should now appear on device B! :)