How are Points in Championship calculated?
Your position on the Championship leaderboard is based on the number of points you have gathered and how well you have done compared to other players from your division who were in the same Championship. Each division has its own leaderboard and set of rewards. Therefore, players from League 6 and players from League 1 will not appear on the same Championship leaderboard. More details about divisions can be found in other FAQs of this FAQ section.

The amount of Championship points you have corresponds to the sum of the points you accumulated in the Championship’s completed GP Events.
How are Points in GP Events calculated?
A GP Event best score indicates the amount of points you earn for the Championship leaderboard. You are free to reset the Grand Prix and the series as many times as you want to improve your best score. When doing so, you gain another attempt in which you will have to validate each of the series time to calculate your attempt’s score. Your best score isn’t calculated based on a combination of your best Qualifying, Race Start and Race End times, but on your best total attempt score.

Finally, the series points are calculated based on your series times. Keep in mind that the Qualifying series being a 1-lap race, grants fewer points compared to the Race Start and Race End series which are 3-lap races. That’s because it’s more difficult to register a good race time in a 3-lap race, therefore, these races reward more points compared to the Qualifying race.