To take part in a Grand Prix (GP) event, you first must join its Championship. Most of the Championships such as the 2020 one require players to be at least in League 6 before joining the Championship. If after joining the Championship, you are demoted to League 7 in Duel mode, you will still be able to compete in the Championship.

The conditions for participating in the championships may vary. However, unlike the GP Events in which you generally have to spend Coins in order to join, Championships do not require you to spend any Coins to be joined.

The start and the end dates of a Championship appear in the “Events” menu. Once you have joined a Championship, you will be able to view the start dates of each GP Events from this Championship.

Finally, your Championship entry price varies depending on your division (which is based on the League you were in at the moment you joined the Championship). Therefore, if you are in League 1, you will automatically be assigned to the highest division and you will be able to win better Championship / GP Events rewards. However, the difficulty of these will be greater.

More details about divisions can be found in other FAQs of this FAQ section.