Championships can have different divisions. Depending on your division, the rewards will change; the higher your division, the better your Championship and GP Events rewards will be. More details about divisions can be found in other FAQs of this FAQ section.

What are the different GP Event rewards?

Each GP Event contains 8 packs of rewards that you can claim in which you can find Parts and Tokens. These packs of rewards can be claimed upon reaching specific scores, therefore, complete, retry and improve your scores to claim more rewards before the Championship ends!

You can check the content of each reward pack by tapping on the gift symbol situated on the progress bar.

What are the different Championship rewards?

You can obtain XP, Tokens, Parts and Coins among the Championship rewards.

The Championship rewards are distributed based on the leaderboard tier you are in when the Championship comes to an end. In total, there are 5 different tiers: Gold, Silver 1, Silver 2, Bronze 1 and finally, Bronze 2.