What are Championships?

Championships are competitions with unique rules in which players can compete against each other in various GP Events in order to earn rewards. By playing these GP Events, you earn points that are used to calculate your position on the Championship leaderboard. Conditions to join each Championship can vary.

When you join a Championship, you are assigned to a division within that Championship. The higher your division, the better rewards you will earn, however, the players in the Championship leaderboard will be tougher and the difficulty of the GP Events will be increased. Your division is decided based on the League you were in at the moment you joined the Championship. More details about divisions can be found in other FAQs of this FAQ section.

What are GP Events?

Grand Prix (GP) Events are in-game events that you can play after joining a Championship. These events are split into three series: Qualifying,Race Start and Race End.

  • Qualifying: This is a crucial one-lap Qualifying race which will determine your starting position on the grid of the upcoming Race Start series.

  • Race Start: This series is a 3-lap Grid Start race in which your grid position corresponds to your result in the previous Qualifyingseries. The position you cross the finish line will be the one you will have at the beginning of the final Race End series.

  • Race End: Similarly to the previous series, this is a 3-lap race except you don’t start on the grid, you have a rolling start in the position you had when you finished the Race Start series.

Upon completing any Series, you are given the choice between retrying the series you’ve just completed and validating your time. If you validate your time, you will move on to the next series but you will not be able to retry the series with the validated time until you reset the Grand Prix by tapping on the “Reset” button situated on the Series menu.

How does the retry system work?

You can retry the series for free; however, you cannot retry a specific series and keep the validated results from another series at the same time. Upon retrying, you will have to replay from the Qualifyingseries from scratch. Still, please note that your best overall series score will be kept to calculate your position on the Championship leaderboard. Therefore, do not hesitate to retry series as many times as you want!