Our aim is to ensure that everyone's progress is affected as little as possible by this Season update and any resulting retakes that come along with the release of this update. Unfortunately, some progress has to be reset due to the major 2021 Season update.

Therefore, after downloading the 2021 Season update, you will notice that your progress and set-ups have been converted.

  • R&D Inventory

While the new R&D system brings new game mechanics to the game, we want to make sure that everyone's R&D inventory carries over. For example, the R&D parts that you currently own will be removed from the game and we will be introducing new R&D parts to replace the former ones.

As a result, each R&D part you currently own has been converted like for like to an equivalent R&D part within the new R&D system. For instance, if you currently own a level 2 'Engine Block' part with 10 extra copies, it will be converted to a level 2 'Re-Engineered Engine Block' (with also 10 extra copies).

  • F1 cars

Any official F1 cars will be converted to their 2021 official counterpart.
Racing Point will be converted to Aston Martin.
Renault will be converted to Alpine.

Please note that only 2021 F1 cars can be used during the 2021 season, for that reason, you will not be able to use the NEEEUM 2020 F1 car once we have released the Season update. If you have purchased the NEEEUM F1 car, feel free to contact the support service so they can offer you a refund.

  • Other customisation elements

Official helmets of drivers will be converted to Avatar Helmets (not to be confused with 'In-race Helmets') which can be equipped in the 'Player Profile' screen. Unlike the official F1 cars, the official helmets will not be updated to the 2021 Season ones. But Official 2021 helmets are unlockable through showdown challenges!

If you won the Esports banner as well as a smartphone/trophy icon during the Esports Grand Finals event (that took place in January), you will keep both the items when updating the game (you will find them in the 'Player Profile' screen).

Any other customisation element (decals/stickers, liveries and helmets) will be removed from your inventory upon updating the game.

  • Currencies

The new F1® Mobile Racing Season introduces new currencies called 'Coins' and 'Tokens' which will be replacing respectively the 'Credits' and 'Resource Points' currencies.

- Credits you currently own will be converted to Coins, it means that if you own 1,000 Credits right before updating the game, then, you will have 1,000 Coins after the update.

- As with Credits/Coins, your Resource Points will be converted to Tokens. If you had 5,000 Resource Points before the update, then, you will have 5,000 Tokens after updating the game.

  • League progression and player level

- Your number of Cup Points will be reset with the 2021 Update. As a result, you will start in League 8.

- Your XP level will also be reset (back to 0 XP). Since your XP level is directly linked to the number of R&D Points you own, you will also have 4 R&D points, this is the lowest amount you can have. Upon levelling up you will regain R&D points.

  • VIP Subscription

There won't be a VIP Subscription available when we release the 2021 Season update, for this reason, we have deactivated the current VIP Subscription. However, rest assured that big changes to the VIP Membership are underway.

In the meantime, please make sure you unsubscribe to your current VIP Subscription before your next renewal! More information on this matter can be found in the article 'Discontinuation of the VIP Subscription'.