Transfer your account to a new device by connecting it to Facebook.

Start by connecting your account to your Facebook ID on Device A:

  1. Log in to Facebook on your device;
  2. Make sure you are NOT sharing an account with somebody else;
  3. Start F1 Mobile and synchronise your progress to your Facebook account by tapping on the cog icon in-game (which will load the game options);
  4. If you are connected to Facebook the Facebook tile will say "on";
  5. If you are not connected, tap on the Facebook tile and allow the game to use your Facebook sign-in.

Then, follow the steps listed below to transfer your game progression on Device B:

  1. Login to Facebook on your device;
  2. a) Download and Install F1® Mobile from the App/Play Store on Device B;
    b) If you already installed the game and you were playing on another account that you are willing to erase. Then you will have to reinstall the game;
  3. Launch the game once you've finished installing it;
  4. You should be prompted with a message reading “Select a saved game”. Choose the Cloud Save;
  5. Finally, relaunch the game as requested in the in-game message which appeared on your screen.

Your game progression should now appear on device B! :)