EA / Codemasters asks that all players play fairly and with respect to all other players and staff. Anyone found to be guilty of misconduct will be subject to either a temporary or permanent game ban.

There is no right of appeal and we cannot provide support for game accounts that have been found guilty of misconduct.
Misconduct is defined as one or more of the following:

Any abusive or offensive language used in the game, on our forums or when contacting support or other EA, Codemasters or Eden Games staff will be subject to disciplinary procedure.
This includes, but is not limited to the following:
  1. Any discriminatory language (e.g. racism)
  2. Political names and slogans
  3. Swearing or other obscene / sexually explicit words or terms
  4. Threats or harassment
  5. Use of abusive terms or bullying

The use of any software used to manipulate the game or game account data (“Hacks”) will be subject to disciplinary procedure. Likewise any software used to automate the playing of the game (“Bots”).

Buying or selling a game account may result in a permanent ban of the account in question. We strongly recommend that you do not share your account, as this may compromise your privacy and account data. Sharing an account with a non-family member will result in disciplinary procedure.


Other behaviours that may give arise to disciplinary procedure are as follows:
  1. Attempting any type of fraud of the purchasing system
  2. Attempting to obtain another players account ('phishing') or personal information
  3. Deliberately exploiting a bug in the game
  4. Using any communication platform for advertising or spamming
  5. Impersonating an EA, Codemasters or Eden Games employee
  6. Attempting to arrange the results of any PvP game
  7. Repeated messaging of the support service on a single topic ("spamming")
  8. Any other action deemed by EA / Codemasters to be likely to cause disruption to the game