Save your game by connecting it to Game Center.
If you reinstall the game, you will not recover your account if it isn't synchronised with your Game Center ID as your profile and game data are stored safely on our servers.
Note: You can only synchronise one game progression per Game Center ID. Attempting to save more than one game progression to your Game Center account will result in lost data of the first account you synchronised to the Game Center ID!
Please find below the instructions to synchronise your account to your Game Center ID:
  1. Enter your device settings;
  2. Find and select the Game Center;
  3. Log in with your Apple ID (or create one if needed);
  4. Make sure you are NOT sharing an account with somebody else.

Now start up the game.

  1. Enter the in-game Settings menu (tap on the cog icon at the top of the screen);
  2. Tap on the Game Center button on the top left corner;
  3. If it's not synchronised yet, then you will see 'Not connected' on the button. When this shows "ON", it means that you have successfully synchronised your progress.
After reinstalling the game.
When launching the game, you should be prompted with a message reading “Select a saved game”. You will be given the choice between loading a Local Save and a Cloud Save. Choose the Cloud Save if you wish to recover your account with the progress saved. However, if you wish to start the game from scratch and play the tutorial, choose the Local Save.