What are Coins used for?

Coins are the most valuable resource in the game. You can currently use them to:

  • Fast-track the research of Duel R&D box (the price of the fast-tracking is based on the remaining research time);
  • Unlock access to GP Events in the 'Event' mode;
  • Repair the car wear of your F1 car in 'Career' mode;
  • Create a new customisation slot in the Livery editor menu;
  • Purchase Daily Parts, Packs of Parts, Official F1 cars and Pack of Tokens in the 'Shop'.

How do I get Coins?

You are rewarded with Coins when you:

  • Complete challenges that contain Coins in their rewards;
  • Watch Ads on the Main Menu screen;
  • Complete the objective of the season of the contract you have signed in 'Career' mode;
  • Reach a new XP level;
  • Win Pro League showdowns;
  • Purchase Packs of Coins or Special Offers which contain Coins in the 'Shop'.